APRIL 20 – 21, 2024

Expo Hall

If it’s Gaming, gaming-related, gaming adjacent or just too awesome to miss out on, our exhibitors will have it here in the Expo Hall. More details on Exhibitors coming soon.

IndiDev Zone

Immerse yourself in local creativity. The Indie Dev Zone is brimming with passionate Game Developers who want YOU to experience their unfiltered Gaming Vision! Applications now open!

Retro Arcade

"Who are you, that do not know your history?" Remember where we all came from in the Arcade, featuring classic, retro, and most of all nostalgic gaming.

Tabletop Gaming

Roll dice. Draw cards. Place workers. Gain VP. Build castles. Raze clearings. Accuse that one friend who is always a spy.

PC & Console Freeplay

Pure Gaming. A sea of consoles and PCs, patiently waiting for you to transform them into Fun Factories. Choose from our library of new and old titles, then do what you were born to do. Game.

Live on Stage

Watch a walkthrough of what’s yet to release, listen to a chat about what everyone’s playing, or laugh at a group playing for your entertainment! Our stage sessions run all weekend, full of content you won’t want to miss. Stage Schedule coming soon.